ADMICH is headquartered in Canton Township Horn San Gaspar Chajul and is a non-profit, non-religious, apolitical, with legal status. The main purpose is to seek the comprehensive socio-cultural and economic development of women and youth in extreme poverty.

ADMICH arose from the internal armed conflict, which caused the destruction of social networks, cultural and political and lack of social services in the region and focus on women. The unofficial indicators for the Ixíl area indicate about 60 percent of the population over 15 years of age is illiterate and the percentage is even higher in women. We provide access to work for the strengthening of economic resources and collaborate on maintaining our cultural ties and, thus, to involve women in paid work. We focus on building strong leadership, based on the principles of equality between different ethnic groups and genders and women as a means to build opportunities for participation at all levels in society.

The Association of Displaced Maya Ixil Chajulense Women (ADMICH) was born on September 27, 2011 under number 356 of the Constitution of Community Partnerships and under Act No. 060 -2011 to 080-081 pages of the Register of Legal Entities in the municipality of San Gaspar Chajul Department of Quiché. Chaired by Ms. Pacheco Anay MAGDALENA. Who identifies with his identity card number N-14 and 17.088 of this register Registration municipal and twenty-eight years of age, single marital status, profession or trades Community Development Technician, Guatemalan nationals, residing in the Horn of Canton Municipal Head of Chajul, Department of Quiché.

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