The Association of Displaced Maya Ixil Chajulense Women seeks the economic, cultural, artisanal, agricultural, environmental and social development of young women and their communities in the Ixíl region of Guatemala, specifically Chajul Cotzal and Nebaj.

Our Mission is to:

  • Improve the living standards of women members through active participation in the productive processes.
  • Strengthen the organization by generating local employment and becoming an innovative agency for processing crops in the region.
  • Promote and encourage participation, allowing social-cultural educational development of women members.
  • Strengthen and improve productivity, crafts, environment, health, agriculture, infrastructure and housing around the Ixil area (Chajul Cotzal and Nebaj) to have a better quality of life.
  • Promote a system of short-term self that allows partners to improve their living conditions.
  • Seek support for the development partners, through organizations to develop projects and improve the local economy.
  • To strengthen efforts to build trust between national and international NGOs.

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